Three Small Fish

About us

I bring my camera most places. To me, photography is all about meeting new people and seeing new things. This can be as close as our home in Grand Rapids or across the country.  I see things a little differently. Sometimes it's in black and white, sometimes in a single color. In my head, the sunsets are always a little brighter and the storm clouds, a little darker. 

More than landscapes
You name it, I photograph it. 

Photography +


-Husband, father, mountain-man, doctor, explorer, and friend to all creatures (especially cats and spiders)  


​-My son, small child, co-pilot on most adventures, and insistent on licking something in every state he visits. He has already been to 11 National Parks and never says no to an adventure 

Hi, i'm sierra 

Many people choose to spend their money on things. In our family, experiences rule. Sometimes that means a concert or museum, but most often it means traveling. With a goal of visiting all 59 of America's National Parks, we've already seen some amazing places. We might not have a lot of free time, but when we do, this is how we spend it.